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Bare Coconut BLISS (Love Oil)

Content: 2 oz Whether easing discomfort or taking things to the next level in the bedroom, ladies this one is for you. May you explore the power of cannabis and herbal...

Bare Coconut CALM

Relief from aggravating skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis) with cooling aloe, moisturizing coconut milk and powerfully gentle herbs. Content: 4oz

Bare Coconut FRESH

A mighty collaboration of plants designed to combat odour while allowing the body to sweat out toxins as nature intended. Chemical Free, sodium bicarbonate free, Embrace the plant, live canna-natural....

Bare Coconut GROW

After washing, rub a small amount of conditioner in hands and apply to beard. Content: 2oz

Bare Coconut HEAL (Holy Anointing & Healing Oil)

Bare Coconut HEAL (Holy Anointing & Healing Oil)

Bare Coconut HEAT

Return the ease of movement to joints and surrounding tissues with potent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory herbs. Content: 1.5 oz

Bare Coconut MAGIK

Sacred healing and pain relief found in a blend of deep herbal medicine from powerful plants and trees. Content: 1.5 oz

Bare Coconut PROTECT

A luxuriously rich lotion. Blending two plants heavily grounded in medicinal uses. Cannabis brings balance and improved skin health, while the spirit of the "warrior plant" yarrow brings courage and...

Bare Coconut RECOVER

Plant-powered pain relief for overused and damaged muscle, enhanced with magnesium to speed recovery and the regeneration of tissue. Content: 4 oz

Bare Coconut RELEASE

Melt away pain and tension with the powers of carefully selected oils and botanicals. Utilize the art of massage to enjoy a release of the body and mind. Move freely....

Bare Coconut SOAK

Ingredients of traditional Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, pure hand-mined salts and active cannabis plant provide the ultimate soothing bath experience. Longer soak times will intensify the effect; therefore this soak can be...

Cannabis Topical Rub

Cannabis Topical Rub
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